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About mscha

As you have probably figured out by now, I am Michael Schaap. I live in Amstelveen, The Netherlands.

I work with computers for a living. I'm working in my third job, where I'm mostly doing projects (design and development, often in a Technical Team Leader role) using Apple's WebObjects. At the moment, I also do a fair amount of system administration. (Are you a good UNIX sysadmin with a working knowledge of NT and Apple? We need you!) In previous jobs, I've worked with many buzzword compliant technologies, such as Java (servlets, a bit of EJB), C, Perl, Oracle, etcetera. My heart still really lies with Perl - whenever I program something for myself, it's Perl I use.
(You can check out my resume here.)

My current job, since November 1999, is with The ObjectZoo, a fairly small company (about 20 people) that specialises in internet applications, mostly developed using WebObjects. I've also got a home page there, but that one contains even less than this one.

Before my current job, from March to October 1999, I worked for a somewhat less small, and rapidly growing New York based company called Thaumaturgix, or Tgix for short. The plan was that I would start working for the Amsterdam office, but unfortunately, the Amsterdam office never took off. If you're a "techie", and looking for a New York-based job, I can heartily recommend Tgix! (I wish I'd get a referral bonus for that. ;-) )

My first job, from 1993 to February 1999, was with Cambridge Technology Partners, or CTP for short. (When CTP started calling itself 'Cambridge', it was the beginning of the end, IMHO.) I was one of the first six people hired in Europe, I started when CTP was about to open its first overseas office in Amsterdam. I had a great time at this company, I learned a lot, but in the last years I found it painful to see CTP grow into a medium to large size company, and losing part of the great culture, and "magic", in the process.
(Remember Yet Another Stock Contest? Well, here's And Yet Another Stock Contest, and now The Final Stock Contest!)


Here are a few photo series, shot with my digital camera. All series through June 2000 were made with an Olympus D220L, which makes pictures in 640x480 resolution. I bought it when I just arrived in New York (in March 1999), and I definitely overpaid! ;-(
From September 2000 on, I had a new camera, a Olympus C3030.
Starting with Easter 2003, the pictures were shot with an Olympus C-730 Ultra Zoom.






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