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On this site

Aside from photos (over there →), you can find a webcam (2.0), a weblog (that I'm just playing with), and a script to safely embed email addresses in HTML.
More experimental: Google Earth tracks (cycling, among others), weather statistics (Dutch), and EC2008/WC2010 odds.
(CTP alumni might enjoy the Stock Contest variations).

About me

I am currently doing freelance internet development and consulting. If you're interested, here's my resume.


About this site

This site was built using Vim, and uses home-grown HTML, CSS and JavaScript, server-side Perl, and the Google Maps API for the background.
The photo gallery software is Gallery2; the weblog package Wordpress.
It is hosted by Dreamhost. (Sign up with promo code mscha50 for a US$ 50 discount.)
(Old version, anno Y2K, of this page.)